"We came to Jane for our fiancé and permanent resident case and she was fantastic. She made the whole thing extremely easy and was there for us at every step of the visa and green card process. She was always fast in responding to our questions and proactive about getting all our documents ready for interviews and submissions. I highly recommend Jane to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy attorney."

"My wife and I used the services of Jane O'Sullivan of O'Sullivan Law Office to prepare our applications for US citizenship. We found her to be very efficient and effective in communicating with the Department of Homeland Security on our behalf. I have no reservations in recommending her in matters relating to immigration."

"Jane O’Sullivan was a very helpful and reliable attorney for my immigration case. Her knowledge and hard work enabled me to obtain a permanent residence card in less than 4 months after the submission of my application. I really appreciate for her professional advice and support and will definitely recommend her for those who have immigration issues in the future."

"Ms. O'Sullivan provided excellent service to my husband and I as we pursued a marriage visa. She did a great job of keeping us informed every step of the way, and always patiently answered our questions. She always made time for us, and we never felt rushed during consultations. She had everything in order and the entire process went smoothly and was completely worry-free. We were living in both San Francisco and Seattle at the time we worked with her, and she helped us navigate the immigration process while in the middle of a move. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer!"

"After a disappointing experience with an immigration lawyer in San Francisco, I was referred to Jane O'Sullivan to submit my application for a P-1 Nonimmigrant working visa. The difference in service was like night and day. Jane was always very responsive, informative, and professional. I couldn't believe how quickly the process moved forward with Jane's expertise and know how. Whenever I had a question or wanted any updates, she was quick to respond and it made feel that my application was in good hands. I have now used Jane's services twice and it has confirmed my confidence and satisfaction in the work she does. There is no question I will contact her in the future for any of my immigration visa needs and I highly recommend her to others."

After having a terrible experience with x-attorney in Seattle on my asylum application, I met Jane O’Sullivan. I will never forget her friendly, professional and welcoming approach on my first day. She escaped me from nightmare. She managed and expedited my case beyond my expectation. I admire her consistency, integrity, and professionalism from my first day to date. Now my family is with me at Seattle. I am so proud of her and recommend her for any asylum case.

Jane O´Sullivan is a kind and amazing woman. She has helped me through my green card process with the upmost respect. She has shown a genuıne concern for my difficult situation and has helped me through the entire process. You can see easily that she is in this line of work for a true love of helping others. I am very grateful to have worked wıth Jane.